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Thank you very much for visiting. I hope I can help develop your driving skills.

Kevan Taylor

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Melissa Davidson

Thanks Kevan for helping me pass my driving test first time with only three minors. I would recommend anybody wanting to learn to drive to ask kevan.


Thanks for helping me pass Kev. Great instructor and you learn something with each lesson and helps you through your test


tHank you Kevan for getting me through my driving test, for being patient, supportive throughout, Evan when I made a few mistakes big or small ! I would recommend Kev to anyone wanting to learn to drive, he is the best !!


I was never really interested in driving, so it was suggested i changed driving schools and Kevan was much better suited to my needs. He is calm, reassuring, and always asked what you wanted to do rather than a list of things to do for each lesson which i really enjoyed. Without you, i'd still be planning routes with the least junctions as i hated them, but i got my confidence up and don't think twice about it. Thanks fr teaching me Kev and i will see you at Xmas for pass plus!


very helpfull when it came to lessons, as it was hard for me to fit them in with work but was very helpfull with that.He is a great instructer and got me throught my test


was a hero when getting to and from lessons and booking them. Went through the stuff and explained in detail if I dident understand. Good at getting rid off bad habits and getting me ready for my test and driving on the roads. Thanks Kevin


When i started out I wasn't very confident in my ability to drive and Kevan helped me develop confidence. Thanks Kevan! I couldn't have done it without you.


Kevan made learning to drive easy and enjoyable! Helped me to gain confidence throughout my lessons which made me pass first time with just 1 minor. So easy and flexible with lesson times also helping with transport. Brilliant instructor, cheers Kev!


Kevan helped me pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors. He was always able to help out if I couldn't get somewhere or needed taking home. He made learning to drive easy and helped me build confidence in myself by telling me I could do it! Thanks Kev!

Jack Castley

Kev was a great instructor, I passed first time and now i'll be speeding my Clio around Penrith and Warcop. Thanks Kev!x


Thanks kev.


I passed first time thanks to Kevan's excellent tuition. He knows, most importantly, how to adapt his style of teaching because everyone learns differently. You'll be seeing me driving around in my 207 now! Thanks Kev.


Thanks Kev for helping me pass my test first time. Great instructor with plenty of patience. You said I could do it and I did!


Kev is a brilliant driving instructor and helped me pass my test first time. He builds your confidence and believes in you, which helped me massively. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you for all your help.


Thanks Kevan for driving me to success in passing my test. Great teacher and helped me pass first time.


Thanks Kev for helping me pass my test first time, very good teacher makes you feel confident as soon as you sit down!


Kev always kept patient and really helped build my confidence driving, highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much for helping me pass first time, couldn't have done it without all your help!!


Kevan is a great driving instructor; he adapts to the pace of each student and is always very patient. IYou don't just jump through hoops in order to pass the test- I also learnt about how to become a better driver in general. I would recommend Kev to anyone. Thanks.


Thank you Kevan for helping me pass my test and making me a more confident driver. I would definitely recommend him to anyone


Kevan is a great driving instructor, he is patient and explains things easily. He helps you to understand things if you don't get it the first time. You can sit in the car and have good crack with Kev, which creates a more calm and relaxed environment .. I would recomend Kevan to anyone, thanks again Kev,


Kevan is a great driving instructor, he is patient and explains things easily. He helps you to understand things if you don't get it the first time. You can sit in the car and have good crack with Kev, which creates a more calm and relaxed environment .. I would recomend Kevan to anyone, thanks again Kev,


From day one Kevan made the experience of learning to drive less daunting. He's more than happy to repeat an explanation if you don't grasp it the first time and nothing seems to faze him. Always calm and collected, he made learning a positive experience. I would highly recommend him. Many thanks Kevan.

Morgan TR

Kevan provided fantastic support for me throughout the time I spent learning to drive. He encouraged me when I did something correctly and managed to put a positive twist on his criticism when I didn't which boosted my confidence massively.

Morgan F

Kevan was so helpful throughout my learning, he is patient and explains things thoroughly making it easier to understand. Also when I did something dramatically wrong he always kept calm somehow. The quality of lessons were brilliant and I enjoyed every one. I would recommend Kev to anyone. Many thanks Kev.

Moinul Karim

I am so pleased that i decided to learn with kev.he was an amazing instructor, who was patient and encouraging. He gave me clear instructions that make maneuvers and everything easy.I would like to thank you so much for your help with my lessons.


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test first time. Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel at ease and confident in my abilities to drive the best I can


Kev was a fantastic teacher, made me feel at ease and very comfortable in the car. Made learning how to drive very easy and fun, would definitely recommend him to anyone about to start lessons.


Kev is a superb teacher. He always explains what needs to be done clearly and make difficult situations simple. Many thanks for all your support.


Kev was such a fantastic instructor and I would definitely recommend him to any learner, he always stays very calm which puts you at ease, many thanks kev


Thanks Kev for helping me pass first time, I couldn't have managed it with out you. Would recommend you to anyone else wanting to do well. Thanks again.


Kev was a great teacher and kept me very calm when I did something wrong and was always positive. He would make sure I understood everything, and if I did not he would happily spend time going over it until I did. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you!


Kev's excellent tuition and calm but encouraging persona helped me to quickly gain confidence on the roads. He explains things in an easy understandable way and gives gentle reminders when needed. I always felt I got the best out of each lesson and would definitely recommend KTDriving to others. Thanks Kev for excellent tuition and helping me achieve my full driving licence.


Kev was a great teacher cool calm and made me feel at ease even when making errors would recommend to anyone to use I passed first time so thanks again kev for your time and patience.


Had lessons with few instructors before KT and can definitely say Kev is very professional. He stays calm and polite in any situation which helps to build your own confidence and become an independent driver.


Highly recommended kev mafe me feel comfortable from the start and keeps calm and helps u feel at thanks to kev passed 1St time excellent instructor


Kevin is a really good instructor. He's confortable to be around and is always calm and controlled, even when you make mistakes. He is very friendly and a great tutor. I would recommend him to to anyone who wants an experienced and all-round good instructor.


Thank you Kev for helping me pass my driving test. Would definitely recommend you to other people. Very friendly and made me feel calm and comfortable in all my lessons.


Thanks Kev for helping me pass first time, very good driving instructor would recommend to anyone


I enjoyed my lessons with Kevan. He is friendly, patient and easy to get on with. I would definitely recommend him.

Liam K

Thank you so much Kev at getting me througgh my test first time! it made everything so much easier as you were patient, calm and easy to talk to. Thanks again!


Kevan, thanks for being so patient and supportive whilst helping me learn to drive! I will definitely recommend you to other learners.


Thank you Kev helping me to pass my test first time! I will certainly recommend you to others!


A little late on my side, but thank you Kev. Passing with no minors is now quite the bragging right to my brother! Will absolutely recommend you!


Thank you for getting me passed first time - looking forward to doing the Pass Plus with you now. Would 100% recommend to you.


A testament to your skills as an instructor, helping me pass first time! Would absolutely recommend Kevan as a driving instructor and will see Kev soon for Pass Plus!


Kev's excellent and calm instruction made it easy for me to pass my test first time. I would fully recommend him to anyone wishing to gain a full licence.

Tiree Taylor

100% recommended, straight to the point, covers all bases and a kind helpful instructor, Kev has it all!


I know this is a bit delayed but a great tutor Kev is. I only ever learnt to drive with Kev as i never was able to get insurance on the family car. So thanks kev for helping me pass first time!!


Passed first time! Would recommend Kevan as a driving instructor. Patient and adjusts lessons to a style that is advantageous to the individual. He also challenges you every now and again to keep you on your toes and to refresh your knowledge on your theory. Will be getting in touch about Pass Plus! Thanks Kevan!

Steph H

100% Recommended! Both me and my brother have passed through KT driving, Kev is easy to , very calm and patient,

Steph H

100% recommended, both me and my brother have passed through KT Driving, Kev is easy to get on with, very calm and patient, thank you for everything.

Macauley Forsyth

Kev is everything a driving instructor should be, patient, calm and reassuring. Also very honest, I haha very few lessons and passed first time, he could have easily drawn it out and got more lessons from me. Definitely recommend!

Jackie B

I'm very glad I chose to learn to drive with Kev- he adapts every lesson to your needs and makes sure you understand and explains everything well. Thank you for all your help Kev ??


I would just like to say thanks to Kev as with his help I managed to pass first time. I would recommend him to my friends if they weren't already under his tuition


Kev is the best driving instructor around. He alters so they are as beneficial as he can make them. His calm and patient personality means you understand and learn everything quickly and well. Thank you Kev for all your help!


Kev moves you along from not being able to drive to teaching you everything you need to know in only a short amount of time. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to pass my test as soon as I did. Thanks Kevin for all you help


Thank you kevin for helping me pass first time. It felt like forever reaching that point!! He has a very patient and calm, along with explaining everything slowly and clearly so you understood. I would recommend him to others who are learning to drive.


Very glad to have had lessons with Kevin and succeed, as he explanes things very clearly and develops your confidence in driving in a short period of time. Wouldn't of made it without the help from Kev. Highly recommended to anyone needing to learn!


Kev was thorough, polite and professinal and helped me to achieve a 1st time pass. I would definitely recommend him.


Kev is a great and persistent driving instructor, he helps even the slower learners pass their test, no matter how many attempts it takes, as well as being open to questions regarding all aspects of driving, I would recommend him to anyone wanting to pass their test.


Kev is incredibly friendly and easy to listen to. His teaching promotes self confidence and independence. I passed first time thanks to Kevan's help, I would highly recommend his service.


I couldn't of passed my test without all the help from kevan. He's a fabulous instructor and when I found things difficult and challenging he found a way to make it so much easier for me. Calming and reassuring which helped lots and I passed first time. So very helpful all of the time I would recommend to anybody. I can't thank you enough kevan


After going through 2 driving intructors I was recommending Kevan and I couldnt find anyone better! Hes easy to get along with and explains things in a way to help you under. He's very patient and i couldnt of passed my test first time without the help from him. I would definetly recommend to anyone.


Kevan really helped me gain more confidence in the time he helped me learn how to drive. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He was always very patient with me and reassured me that I was capable. I would recommend him to anybody.


Passed first time with Kevan, makes you feel completely at ease and helps you with everything. His lessons are very laid back and focus on what you need help with the most! Would absolutely recommend to anyone


Kevan is a really good instructor who made me feel at ease from the first lesson and helped me to pass my test at the first attempt. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality instructor.


Kevan is very easy to get along with, and very clear with his instructions. He got me back through my test first time and made me feel confident and in control. Highly recommended. Thanks Kevan


Kevan is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him. He helped me gain my license and made me feel more confident about driving. Thanks Kevan.


I would highly recommend learning to drive with Kevan. He makes sure you're always comfortable with what's being asked and is easy to get along with and to understand. Thanks Kevan for helping me pass my test.


I don't think you could get a better instructor then Kevan. He allows you to take things at your own speed but also manages to push you to do more and gain confidence in all aspects of driving. He is also one of the most relaxed and down to earth people think I've met, and really easy to get along with. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Kevan for building my confidence in the car.

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